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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Marines and FBI in Benghazi?

You know, I am curious....

Didn't we hear that 'the Marines are underway to Benghazi'???

Wasn't the FBI is going to 'investigate this incident and bring the perpetrators to justice'?????

Do I have amnesia or were those "assertions" simply word salad presented in the heat of the moment during the week of 9/11/2012?

Again, this is more evidence that the Obama Administration and the Main Stream Media believe we are collectively as "Dumb as a Rock"!

With the collection of brainiacs recently interviewed by Howard Stern, it is easy to see how the politicians and media would believe we are stupid as a collective 'electorate'.

So - what has happened to the news coverage of the Marines and FBI in Benghazi?

I don't hear anything about it.

Who can I call to give me some satisfaction on this?   Where can I go to get the straight story?



Friday, September 28, 2012

BAD NEWS Fatigue

How much BAD NEWS must we endure?

How many underhanded, closed-door, pre-planned, rammed-through "fundamental transformation" changes are we to blithely accept?

Wave upon wave of rapid tempo, stress based news, negative ad campaigns, multiple international tensions in the mid-ease - each with it's own personality - Syria genocide, Israel/Iran stand-off, Afghanistan war, Muslim Extremists in Northern African countries stirring up trouble,  pre-planned attack of US Embassy in Benghazi, and the unmentionable, horrifying murder/lynching of Christopher Stevens and 3 dedicated patriots/envoys.

ALL of which is being observed with cold blooded detachment, tepid, feckless reactions, and literally NO ACTIONS to demonstrate our authority and protection of our sovereign soil in these countries.

NOW, at home... we are dealing with a wilting dollar's purchasing power, health care explosion, double digit unemployment, unwarranted wiretaps by DOJ, a Federal monetary system printing money to fund our own debt, freedom of speech issues, 1st Amendment, 2nd Amendment issues....

How much oppression and NUMBING DOWN can we endure?

Plus the outrageous bald face lying, fabricated falsehoods, alternate reality based propaganda all produced at an unbelievable level of arrogance, founded on the belief that we are so stupid, we will buy it at face value.

What happened to transparency?  The lies are so ridiculous, they are transparent.  We are truly seeing a mad-man Pied Piper fluting his way to the cliff, with all his happy somnambulistic followers.

It is such a sad sight to see.

Vote for Romney/Ryan!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Are we living in a Psychotic Paradigm Shift?

We are being asked to accept the flimsy, transparent fabrications of alternate reality the Obama Administration is spewing as fast as the minute hand on a stop-watch.

We are being lied to not only by wonks, wanks and bots, but by the very "leader" of the United States - Barak Obama. He is lying to us to promote his own communistic, socialist agenda to reduce the US to a 3rd world presence, standing beholding to Islam.

 He and his media have steadily beat the drums of lies and propaganda about:

  •  the pre-planned attack of our Embassy in Libya, Egypt, Somalia, Afghanistan, and 5 other countries
  • the inside job on the attack of our Embassy in Libya
  • the criminal murder of our Ambassador Christopher Stevens and 3 other US Envoys
  • the side-stepping of Israel's repeated requests to confirm our support 
  • the total avoidance of the crisis and genocide in Syria by a dictator gone wild against his own people 
  • the print and spend government approach to rebuilding the economy 
  • the complete lack of transparency promised by BHO at the outset of his presidency 
  • the complete failures of GM, Solyndra, etc. 
  • a failed and feckless foreign policyWe have voted an enemy to the Republic into office as of 2008. 
Barack is not for the America we built. He is for a "fundamental transformation of the foundations of America" Economy, Transportation, Government, Rule of Law, Energy, Education, in short EVERYTHING that has made America what it is today.His anti-American approach to dismantling our infrastructure is the greatest threat to the National Security since the Declaration of Independence.

Below are links to other sites with even more details on this "transformation" that was so ignored and overlooked until now.

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