Thursday, September 13, 2012

What's wrong with this picture and why isn't the bell ringing

Over the past three days since 9/11/2012 we have lost three embassies in Egypt, Libya and Yemen to Islamic jihadist extremists.

Our president is too busy campaigning and criticizing presidential candidate Mitt Romney, to assess the situation deeply and attend to the massive crisis unfolding day by day.

Because of his softness and collusion with the Islamic position, the problem is that by having our embassies unprotected he is allowing these attacks to occur and to spread throughout other countries in the region. He has provided his tacit approval by non-response or middle of the road non-committal statements.

I ask you, what does this look and sound like to you?

Does it appear that our president is being pro active in a response to these attacks against our sovereignty and flag in these foreign countries, or is he simply standing by to wait and see what will happen next with these new and fledgling Countries?

By his own admission he is standing by to wait and see what will happen next.

Our flag has gone down in three embassies along with murder of one ambassador and three other civil embassy servants working in the embassies.

The coverage of military protection has still not arrived as of Thursday when these events happened on Monday morning.

In my view it appears that our president is siding with Islam, who are the extreme faction of that religion, and plans to do nothing whatsoever to prevent them from doing it again.

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