Sunday, March 24, 2013

Lack of Voices in our 2 Party System

As a response to a very astute observer to the US political scene, this gentleman noted that ..."there is a lack of voices in your 2 party system....."  he also rightly noted that it matters not who is in office.  the same things would still happen!

Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding!   You are right again!  There is a massive lack of voice in both parties, with the primary story line coming from only one or two in each - which is very frustrating.  That is why there are new voices emerging from outside these two mainstream parties - but discredited at every turn by a powerful media.

Now, the question is - has the process become so overwrought with big money, lobbying, campaign paybacks, and politicians who have made a career of Congress, etc.  that no real change or accountability is possible anymore, but rather a lumbering forward of two fossilized and gridlocked parties?  

It is hard for the small guys to catch a break.  So while there are voices trying to be heard, they get lost or are perceived as weakening or diluting the vote (especially for the conservatives), leaving our friends on the other side of the isle with a weaker opposition.  Our voices should become framed and galvanized into a more viable conversation that resonates broadly across the heartland - with the relevance most of us feel needs to be expressed.   

Our first leaders were passionate about liberty, overtaxing and weary of living under tyranny, with a lack of rights - and willing to go to war over it.  Or, they were uninterested in power, but willing to serve and build a Republic based upon true vision.   Today, we have lifetime privileges voted into law, by and for a new and paralyzing class of "public servants" - the politcrats.  We have laws being passed - rife with hidden assaults on personal liberties, and grants of power that accrue to the president under the guise of national security - passed at night, or on the weekends when only those interested in seeing it pass are present for the role call.   We are living more under more of a false fear today than ever - an unrealistic fear being foisted by a government and media that would propagate limits to our mobility (via "fuel costs" disguised as taxes), right to privacy, right to bear arms and other inalienable rights.  We have allowed ourselves to be economically vulnerable, internationally lacking in credibility due to a lack of strong foreign policy and rudderlessness as a society with the least accountability as I have ever seen in my lifetime.   In short we have slid, declined and weakened because of a kow-towing to liberal themes in order to gain acceptance on the world stage, or a desire to align with more liberal values in other cultures.   We have allowed the role of our president to become banal, and pedestrian.   I am saddened by the paths our country and leaders have chosen to accept because of a lack of conviction and personal courage and a desire to further their own careers.