Friday, September 28, 2012

BAD NEWS Fatigue

How much BAD NEWS must we endure?

How many underhanded, closed-door, pre-planned, rammed-through "fundamental transformation" changes are we to blithely accept?

Wave upon wave of rapid tempo, stress based news, negative ad campaigns, multiple international tensions in the mid-ease - each with it's own personality - Syria genocide, Israel/Iran stand-off, Afghanistan war, Muslim Extremists in Northern African countries stirring up trouble,  pre-planned attack of US Embassy in Benghazi, and the unmentionable, horrifying murder/lynching of Christopher Stevens and 3 dedicated patriots/envoys.

ALL of which is being observed with cold blooded detachment, tepid, feckless reactions, and literally NO ACTIONS to demonstrate our authority and protection of our sovereign soil in these countries.

NOW, at home... we are dealing with a wilting dollar's purchasing power, health care explosion, double digit unemployment, unwarranted wiretaps by DOJ, a Federal monetary system printing money to fund our own debt, freedom of speech issues, 1st Amendment, 2nd Amendment issues....

How much oppression and NUMBING DOWN can we endure?

Plus the outrageous bald face lying, fabricated falsehoods, alternate reality based propaganda all produced at an unbelievable level of arrogance, founded on the belief that we are so stupid, we will buy it at face value.

What happened to transparency?  The lies are so ridiculous, they are transparent.  We are truly seeing a mad-man Pied Piper fluting his way to the cliff, with all his happy somnambulistic followers.

It is such a sad sight to see.

Vote for Romney/Ryan!

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