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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Let's not forget about Jihadists

As always the Blog "Jihad Watch" is on the mark. Check out the latest in-credible remarks and responses from around the world about Islamic Terrorism.

Also watch the free video "FITNA" down below on this site or in the Links area.

President Bush: What took you so long to take action?

President Bush,

Why have you waited so long to remove the ban from drilling in our own country?

- Duh! Imagine the drop in price if we start producing oil here. Why have we waited so long? Why allow the dependence on foriegn oil. We got what we deserved with the present values in oil prices. Thanks to lack of innovative action on your part and thanks to greedy speculators.

Why haven't you opened Diplomatic Relations with Iran before now?

- I am not a liberal. But I do think we need to box the Iranians in diplomatically to up-level their visibility in the diplomatic world. I am sure we are doing plenty behind the lines and covertly, but we need to do plenty on the visible level, IMHO.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Our Candidates for President Have BOTH Missed the Mark

While I will never vote for Obama - mainly due to his leftist views with little or no substantiation to support them, I am not over convinced about McCain either. While McCain's values are conservative, I am not sure they are progressive enough. Or sure they represent my views.

Is our country really ready for progressive politics or is it simply seeking "historic moments" through a thinly veiled core of Kennedyesqe planks.

I am not a swing voter, but a saddened voter due to the lack of substance and leadership on either side. Ron Paul may not be relevant in this election, but he does strike a chord with me. I am still undecided, but simply due to sheer lack of any hope or vision for any of my values, I may have no choice but to vote for Dr. Paul. Because he speaks to the original nature of our country's founding documents, he is considered out of step, shrill, and irrelevant. Perhaps he is not the right guy to have the job, but we can listen and hope for the right combination of dynamics within a candidate who could be elected.

So with this in mind, is McCain going to lag behind because of votes like mine? Do I just vote for McCain to add to the effort to prevent Obama from being in the White House? Once again, I am voting for the least of evils. Once again for the THIRD TIME!

We all know the issues, and the stands taken by both candidates - we are bombarded with it minute by minute. I am suffering from campaign news media fatigue.

It is not that hard to understand the principles on which our country was founded. Why have we deviated into a policy based purely on present day political spin. Our great leaders understood our core values and had the backbone to stand up for them. Where are these leaders with vision?