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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ten things Every Gun Owner Should Know about Obama


1. If President Obama wins reelection, he will have the opportunity to appoint as many as three more anti-Second Amendment justices to the Supreme Court and destroy the Second

“We’re going to make a choice that will impact
our lives for decades to come … let’s not forget
what it meant when my husband appointed those
two brilliant Supreme Court justices … let’s not
forget the impact that their decisions will have on
our lives for decades to come.”
-- Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama’s words serve as a loud warning to gun owners across America.
If Barack Obama wins reelection and gets the opportunity to tilt the balance of the Supreme Court in his favor, the 5-4 majorities in the Heller and McDonald decisions -- which affirmed our fundamental right to own firearms -- will be in serious jeopardy of being reversed, effectively eliminating the Second Amendment.

2. Obama will flood our federal courts with anti-gun judges who will rule against your constitutional rights.
If reelected to a second term, President Obama will end up appointing over half of all federal judges, effectively turning our court system into a revolving door for anti-gun lawsuits aimed at destroying our Right to Keep and Bear Arms. Obama’s judges will obliterate your freedom without a single vote in Congress…one anti-gun ruling at a time. 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

How about a little bit of Lib and a little bit of Cons?

I just wonder how many others out there feel like I do?

You know, both Romney and Obama are not perfect.

They are out there trying to represent a philosophy from each side, that each earnestly believes. Both are well funded from a variety of sources.

I believe in Pro-Life; Right to Own and Bear Arms, The U.S. Constitution, Our Sovereign Rights on our Foreign American Soil, in the Atlantic Ocean, and in the seas around our own country's shores.

I believe every person also has a right to health care.

I am not sure what Obamacare is, but it was certainly not 'transparently' pursued, promoted or pushed through Congress. I DO know that Switzerland got it right. Their model works.

I do not believe we have represented well in the eyes of those nations outside the USA, in the past 20 years - 5 terms of Presidents.

I do not believe the wars in the Middle East are about Mohammed....

Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Silent Weapon - Economy Key to Population Control

Not that this is new information, but rather, I want to remind any reader that the use of economic manipulation is the source for controlling the populace of any country.

A country wanting to enslave it's population (meaning ALL of them), understand the power of economics as a direct tool for controlling and programming their populations. Once understood, and implemented it puts that control of 'governance' in the hands of those manipulating it.

Printing money to create inflation is a prime example.   Once the printed money exceeds the GNP, it is patently clear what is happening.   In the case of the USA, the use of printing money to create inflation  has been happening for some time.   The place from which it is being done is not easily perceived by those unwilling or incapable of looking for it.  The Fed is simply sychophantic and is a tool used by those who wish to either speed up or slow down the economy.

It appears that Liberty and Freedom are simply dreams and ideals, unattainable by most who actually believe they exist for them.  The uneducated, ignorant, well programmed, or apathetic have no idea what is actually happening to them.  In reality, while the appearance of Liberty and Freedom may seem better in the USA, it is far from the actuality.

Let's review the conditions experienced by homeowners / mortgage payers during and after the 2008 meltdown of the market (some refer to it as "shock economics").  How many lost their homes due to 'economic' conditions, being squeezed out, or due to loss of job (also due to slow economy) or crashed stock market?   Let's also review the amount of debt being carried by the average taxpayer:  Debt to Income Ratio is typically 90 -95% meaning they owe to creditors 95% of their income!   It means most of the USA is living on CREDIT, not ASSETS.   We have traded our financial futures for the present illusion of gains and being able to spend our income.

The reality, is that we are more encased with enslavement, submission and the lack of incentive.