Wednesday, October 17, 2012

How about a little bit of Lib and a little bit of Cons?

I just wonder how many others out there feel like I do?

You know, both Romney and Obama are not perfect.

They are out there trying to represent a philosophy from each side, that each earnestly believes. Both are well funded from a variety of sources.

I believe in Pro-Life; Right to Own and Bear Arms, The U.S. Constitution, Our Sovereign Rights on our Foreign American Soil, in the Atlantic Ocean, and in the seas around our own country's shores.

I believe every person also has a right to health care.

I am not sure what Obamacare is, but it was certainly not 'transparently' pursued, promoted or pushed through Congress. I DO know that Switzerland got it right. Their model works.

I do not believe we have represented well in the eyes of those nations outside the USA, in the past 20 years - 5 terms of Presidents.

I do not believe the wars in the Middle East are about Mohammed....
as much as I believe they are about the balance of Power - as to who is controlling the OIL. Sure the religious leaders play into it, and the Jihadists have made their mark, and continue to do so, but I am not so sure their motives are so pure.

I believe our Education should be a MAJOR focus, and that the incentives to Teachers for molding our children for 8 hours a day for 12 years should be much better. The less the Federal Government has to do with it, the better. I believe that legislated standards for schools creates reasons and opportunities for administrators to cheat and get greedy. We are by far, NOT the first place in the world in Education. Our Math is somewhere around place 40.

I believe we need to stop printing money. Especially more than our Gross National Product (GNP). The simple answer is that it creates inflation. Inflation encourages debt. Debt shackles and enslaves. 

For those who are receiving Government Assistance and Food Stamps, I believe they are NOT entitled to it, but that they should prove that they NEED it. Being officially unemployed is not an occupation or a sovereign right. One should want to work to earn one's way. Even if it is a crappy job. The Culture of Entitlement is also the Culture of Self-Defeatism. If you are given enough to live, what incentive do you have to do more? If your self-esteem is degraded by having to be dependent on 'the dole', what incentive can you muster to step out of it? You would be forced to continue voting for the man that promises to continue your source of life. AND you would do what ever it takes to ensure that.

Unfortunately, we are at that point now.

Why can't we take the best from both parties and create a Moderate, Centrist approach that utilizes the beth of both parties ideas. Oh, I know, Congress is supposed to moderate that by voting on bills. Due to Pork Barrel Politics, Lobbyists, Special Interest Groups - oh, so happy to pay for a privilege... we do not have a fair and equal system.

We have a seriously skewed and politicized system. I would like to see a moderate party that embodies a realistic inclusion of both parties platforms, with moderation of the extremes.

The two party system does not really work, as it is too limited and too polarized. We need more choices than just two philosophies.

I do not have the answer. Just a bunch of questions that never seem to get answered at Presidential Election Time. I just never feel represented well. I feel like I am driven to the point of HAVING TO MAKE A CHOICE BETWEEN TWO CANDIDATES THAT TOGETHER DON'T REPRESENT MY VIEWS. I just wonder how many others out there feel like I do?

I believe immigrants need to pay taxes.   Immigration is how most of us and our families got here.   We cannot give care to indigent immigrants, or jobs, or education, unless they pay taxes like the rest of us.  Entitlement issues once again.   When I lived in Mexico, I had to speak Spanish if I needed to get anything done, and I had to do things THEIR WAY.   I feel the same about the USA.   If they want to come here, then fine.   Learn OUR culture, OUR Language and HOW our TAXES are paid.  Relax the rules for making immigrants legal.  Tighten up the ability to tax them.  This argument will die a quiet death.

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