Monday, November 20, 2023

Radical Islam vs. the World

 You need to see the Movie "The Siege" Denzel, Annette Benning, Bruce Willis-  

MADE IN 1998 

- it is about the very thing I have been talking about with our porous borders, allowing Middle Eastern Islamic terrorist elements and into our country, and the imminent possibility of major strikes against our major cities. 

- It is a fictional movie, but it's prophetic about the massive attack by several terrorist cells against the United States - New York City in this movie.

- Imagine that it was made 25 years ago!!!

- Our government is doing nothing

- Except allowing the borders to fall

- Placing our basic infrastructures at risk - grid, hospitals/health, water, power, financial and political….

- We will be at war in our own country very soon

- Hamas attacking Israel was just lighting the fuse

- They've had 25 years to prepare. And America is still asleep.

- And we have an eggplant for a president

- And we have a Muslim running the country from behind-the-scenes with his boyfriend, which is against all Islamic rules!!!

- Tell me it's not fucked up

- This is not just about Israel anymore. And I'm sure you were quite aware of that.

- They are in our banks. They are deep in our system. I don't care how harmless they seem to appear. They are still Muslim. And they were still raised on the Q’uran.

If Hollywood was making movies in about this type of attack on our way of life 28 years ago… We should be terrified. Because it's on Netflix now on STARZ.

- This type of movie has not been promoted lately, and it should be to wake Americans the fuck up.

I personally believe it has gone beyond the point of Hamas versus the Jews and Israel. It is about Islam against the world.

Israel was the fuse that lit the fire.

Just to be clear, this is not about hate. I don’t like hate, and I don’t like to post hate!

This is about our way of life in the United States, and what is that steak with the lax and porous, allowing of foreign terroristic elements into our country and into our systems. It is about staying awake, and alert.

It is happening in London and has been for sometime. It is now starting to happen in New York City and other major United States cities. Please notice the amount of pro/pro Palestinian media, coverage and protests are abounding. It is based on ignorance, not knowing the facts.

I know that not all Muslims are bad. It is unfortunate that there is a fanatical and radical part of them that is dangerous to us and our way of life. Just like we have radical and dangerous elements in our own society. So please understand I am not here to create hate —-

Rather awareness and consciousness about the current state of things in our country that have been growing and preparing for the last 30 years.

How do you fight a belief  system whose basic principles are to destroy those who don’t convert to their way of life?  Sound familiar?  The Nazis were no different. This facism has a new face and a new name.

  • Please stay awake. 
  • Pay attention, don’t watch / believe fake news. 
  • Believe what you need to believe. 
  • Take care of yourself and those you love.

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