Thursday, November 23, 2023

Entitled Physical Attacks and Mob Surprise Rob and Run Incidents

Beat-and-run mob mentality.  Criminal.  I am sick of seeing physical attacks on others seen on “X” and other social media.


This is a new mentality promoted by some sense of undeserved entitlement.

Also entitled surprise mob rob-and-run mentality in large retail stores.

Sad to say it is prevalent in the young urban black communities.  You don’t see Mexicans, Orientals, Indians, or white people ganging up and hitting retail stores to steal products en masse.  

The mob surprise approach - whether violent or stealing - prevents anyone from stopping them.  

Why is this becoming so prevalent these days in school classrooms, shopping malls, on the streets, or other public places??

This seems to me a cultural collapse encouraged by Progressive leftist permissive ideology outlined by the Cloward-Pivens and previously with the Saul Alinsky manifestos. The crumbling of the family unit and lack of authoritative parenting seems to favor lack of boundaries and focus on “deserving” yet unearned outcomes

PAY ATTENTION AMERICA!  This your country.  Don’t let it slide into lack of action from political correctness or apathy.

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