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Monday, September 12, 2011

The New Economic Imperialism - WATCH IT! China is the new Pawnbroker Loan Shark

The New Economic Imperialism


China Woos Caribbean With Offer of $1 Billion in Loans...

Yes, China may have the cash, but LET THE BORROWER BEWARE!

CHINA is out buying up countries and governments during hard economic times.  Stressed out countries with ailing economies are easy prey for the Chinese Lenders.

They may be your new MASTERS tomorrow.  This is a wave of Global Economic IMPERIALISM with the Chinese at the helm.

I have been watching China slide in to a myriad of countries where either the 3rd world dictator is an intellectual pygmy or the economy is rife with overspent budgets and corruption.  This has been going on now for over the past 10 years in a very low key way.

The Chinese have been slowly buying up property in Urban Areas and developing the interest in building an active urban lifestyle.  Check out Toronto, or any city on the upswing and you will find Chinese cash.  Bombay previously under-valued has become a gold mine for condo investors as well.

I have nothing against the Chinese, but I have noted their presence in the realty market in Texas, Canada, almost everywhere.   The recent news of China holding all sorts of notes with the USA is unsettling, and now they are courting 3rd world countries with flagging economies.

China may be the new GLOBAL IMPERIALIST - the very thing they abhorred about the USA.

So, I'm just sayin'........ 

I have been watching the Chinese for the past 30 years slowly creeping in and quietly investing in our land and economy.