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Saturday, November 20, 2010

TSA Security Issues are a diversion from real issues

I travel every week. I get it about security. It is the way of the world today.  I work hard, and use my brain everyday, and just want to have a good and quiet life with my family.  I travel because my job requires it.  So, I am not a wild extremist from either the left or the right.   I saw all this coming over 25 years ago, and after trying a number of solutions to avoid the onslaught of laws diminishing our rights, and promoting more and more National Security Directives... I chose to stop being completely wigged out and start having a life.  Still knowing all this was and is going on.

These "media Bombs" of late regarding the TSA Security Searches are artfully being directed and propagated by our friends with 'long term' federal security interests.   They are also pretty much being promoted only within the United States (since I do travel alot).   We are now experiencing the use of humiliation and anger regarding the new and now sexually invasive 'hand raping' to encourage travelers to travel less.  All based upon fear of a terrorist attack.

The control of our mobility is the issue, and degradation of our rights (if we actually have any left) and personal liberty (which is much different than 'freedom') by the use of 'national security' measures.  The backlash of the resistance to the hand searches will be the use of the X-Ray whether you like it or not.

I have been traveling internationally since I was 10. I have seen our ability to move about at will become more compromised, tedious and 'security' conscious under the guise of providing us with "safety" from terrorists. Instead, the terror is being propagated by our own insidious government, and the travel equivalent of Marshal Law is being foisted upon us in the name of 'security'.

By limiting our movement, we become captives of the state.

When money went digital (also a 40 year process of numbing people down with the convenience of digital transactions) - our financial privacy was lost.  We have no financial privacy as we can be traced down to the penny of what was spent where - for the convenience of using credit and debit cards instead of cash.

Which brings me to the main point - We are now potentially monitorable via the following methods of electronic surveillance:
1.  Mobile Phones
2.  Internet
3.  Digital Money
4.  Travel - Passport digitization, X-Ray scanners, personal searched just short of cavity search.
5.  Satellite 'zoom in' and infra-red monitoring.

We are now being numbed down to being humiliated and herded so that we are truly "sheeple".

Do not think this is accidental or without far reaching implications.  Let me pose a couple of rhetorical questions:

First, however let me explain how the psychology is working
- the idea is to focus enough difficulty around an issue so that YOU the OBJECT of the whole effort will literally BEG for the Electronic Alternative to being searched, or tracked, or opt for what ever will seem to make it all easier - so you can continue to be further anesthesized.  With enough discomfort, anger, and humiliation your behavior is being shaped over time to do exactly as those who are controlling you want you to do.  (Simple "watch the birdie" techniques - while the more nefarious plots unfolds in the background).  This is mass psychology being used on the masses.  stick and carrot.

So - rather than being detained or body searched so that you can travel, would you prefer to have an x-ray of your body?  Now is it making any sense?

Would the use of a Retina Scan assist you?

Would the implantation of a simple electronic chip under your skin that contains access all your personal information assist you in not having to fumble for change, paper money, or the plethora of credit cards make it all seem better?

One more thing... now that we have the Satellite Tracking technology down, what is preventing the capture of Al-Qaida leaders?  Do you think they are actually serving a purpose in all this?  YOU BET.

Without the Boogy Man creating havoc in the world indiscriminately and at focused venues - even with warnings.... The Security game would have no teeth.

Line of Propaganda:
"We are only here to assist you and make all these terrible inconveniences go away for you.  Let us protect you, and take care of you, and most of all encourage you to become dependent upon us for your safety, monetary security, and comfort needs."

Who are the proponents of this?  Why do they want this?
At our day to day economic level: Credit Bureaus, Banks, Merchants, Police, Ad Agencies, Marketing Companies, large producers of basic essentials, food producers... who ever is feeding the supply chain.

At the Global level the proponents are:  Governments with visions of World Government, NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) that want to set up watchdog groups.... let's say ..... for Global Warming... you know the Carbon Credit theory of re-distributing the wealth???   It goes on and on.

Why?  Greed.  Power.  Control.  Basic Human Conditions.  We are our own worst enemy.  We are now seeing our entire mass consciousness being played out before us in the media every day.