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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

No Leadership in Prez Seat

Unfortunately, our president is not a leader.  He is a law professor, who had some local success as a politician, before he was 'selected' by the post Kennedy faction of the Dems to carry the minority vote on a socialist platform that promised everything, and has delivered nothing but national debt.

The recent excuses for taking action (or not) to get the Gulf cleaned up are overshadowed by the trail of money and lobbying by BP leading to BO's front doorstep.   Once again, it's all about the money.  Nothin' but.

I am not against drilling by any means, but the series of dumb-ass errors that led to the burn-out of the drill assembly down at the hole was completely avoidable.  To many numb-nuts on site.stumbing around the rig.  Not enough procedure, not enough alertness.  Kind of like our present Executive leadership.

We shoiuld always drill for oil, anywhere we can find it.  But, seriously, let's keep the numb-nuts off these multi-billion dollar rigs and enterprises.   I am from SE Texas, near Louisiana, and we have all grown up with rigs in the Gulf.  I have sailed across the Gulf right through them on an 80 mile rhumb line from Galveston to Tampa many times.

Drilling for oil has always been a part of our lives.   Following numb-nuts over the cliff has not - Presidential or otherwise.