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Friday, December 18, 2009

Newt Gingrich reminds CCT delegates that our Constitution begins with "We the People..."

I am glad to see that Newt is up on it.  I am not so far off when I say our Constitution has been trampled by our POTUS.... and with audacity.

See his comments at:

U.S. to contribute to $100B climate fund to help developing countries: Hillary Clinton Announces

See the Article about: US will commit $100b to climate fund for developing countries Hillary Cllinton

OMG!!!  Make it stop!

Obama and company are making outrageous commitments around the world without any support base at home - and this is just another one.

Did Mr. Obama consider for a moment that we have huge issues at home that need his attention, and by the way, we could use the $100 BB here.  Oh, and another thing, that is your money and my money he just spent without getting permission to do so!!!

What is with all these decisions being made in the dark of night, and announced the next day... so much for transparency.

Before we make a $100 BB commitment anywhere, we should have the opportunity to like - run it by Congress, dude.

The treaty has little chance of reaching any agreement as it is, and our POTUS is already agreeing to it and funding it before there is any agreed plan for the use of the money.

I thought this CCT NGO was a little flimsy, but this announcement by HRC takes the cake.

No Taxation without Representation!  I am not being represented in this funding offer