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Thursday, January 22, 2009

De-Obamafy me

One would think we have just coronated a King (sorry about the play on words). However, it is only another President of the United States - "Leader of the Free World", but not a king. Yes, he is the answer to many liberals dreams, and many dreams of the black nation in the USA. It apparently resonates with many of the other races in the US which have a liberal basis for being excited.

That said, I still believe there are some fundamental issues I am unable to overlook. Like the fact that one of his first actions as president has been to repeal the Abortion Laws and Gag Rules on other countries who accept abortion. At first, I thought ok, it is good for the nation that all are being brought together. But killing unborn babies is still murder in the womb, or murder partially out of the womb. Our nation is under the PALL of the Culture of Death. It is certifiably, undeniably, positively, absolutely so. He is agressively seeking the most liberal stance to have our culture accept abortion/murder as the norm. It is not the norm, but un-natural.

The rate of abortions per day in the US is approximately 43,836, or 1824 per hour or 30.44 per minute - IN THE USA alone - not counting the rest of the world. AND we are at the lowest point since 1974 according to a Jan. 18, 2008 recent report from the Guttmacher Institute.

In addition to this, King Obama has decreed that the government will pay for it. With MY tax dollars. I did not vote for Obama, and in fact wrote my candidate in, as he was not on the ballot.

Let us be clear, not only will this exceed FDR's wildest dreams, it will exceed the imaginations of those who put him in power.