Wednesday, December 13, 2023


 Areas in which America is under attack:

1. Immigration Invasion

    - Elements from Africa, Yemen, Arab States, S. America, Central America as stepping stones 

2. Known & Unknown foreign hacking of our Utilities, Infrastructure for social systems 

3. Ukrainian drain on our $$ ($200 million 12-07-2023) & weapons

4. Chinese Debt 1.3 Billion

5  Chinese, Russian, Jihadist, European, Indian and African hacking of our personal, public and private systems and accounts. 

6. Progressive Left/Socialist  agendas enabled by Congress, POTUS, and Administration wanks.

     - Broken Border / invasion 

        - NO VISIBLE ATTEMPTS TO STOP 12,000 per day 

   - Corruption in Biden’s illegal business affairs w Hunter

      - Sending $$ to Gaza/Palestine

      - Ignoring Israel support And Narrative

      - Stopping illegal smuggling/import of Fentanyl from China and S. American cartels

       - Fake news, incompetent Press Secretary and staff

       -  Being a puppet for Obamuslim and Pelosi Alinsky and Cloward Pivens agendas

7. Continual attacks to undermine Trump in court and in Congress & Senate

8. Lack of leadership

9. Lack of Backbone

10. Avoiding the press at all costs, walking away from questions and issues presented.

11. Health and Mental issues preventing POTUS from doing his job EFFECTIVELY!!

More to come!

Wake Up America!  

Fight back to save your country. 

THIS WAR IS NOT BEING FOUGHT WITH BULLETS. It is political, technical, cyber, social, narrative, financial and secret.

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