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Sunday, November 04, 2012

Mr. Romney - PLEASE STOP the UN and PROGRESSIVE LEFT's economic and social engineering!!!

We have been lied too, snookered, hoodwinked, and robbed of the strands of fabric holding together our sovereignty and constitution under the deceit and pretense of leadership.

Each year our culture is demonized, de-constructed, dismantled, and demoralized by the SILENT WEAPONS being used to wage WAR upon our citizenry:

1.  Financial warfare via Economic levers and engineering/programiming to systematically FORCE our economy to FAIL.
There is no mystery as to why our economy is in the tank...
  It is because it serves the purpose of the this (Obama's) administration and Progressive Left:
  - Elitist Marxists who want to create as much dependency on the govrnment's as possible.
           They understand the absolute power of programming the economy - so they can program the  ignorant and uninformed to be their slaves which will perpetually "vote" them into power - so their goodies from the Gov will continue.

Overly cynical???  Look at history and how economic manipulation brings a country to its knees and those manipulating it into power.

2.  Psychological engineering via the Media... All of it!  De-incentivize and demoralize self esteem, to increase self-defeat and increase dependence on social benefits.

3.  Emotional warfare via media, economy, politics - attack on the family by squeezing and disrupting and breaking down family structure.

4. Educational warfare via federally funded school systems to program mediocrity and lack of incentive, increase poor performance, and dependence on federal dollar.

5. Health insurance warfare - Obamacare vs. Private or hybridized Healthcare - increased dependency on federal healthcare vs. independence of choice.

6.  Taxes to redistribute the wealth - increase taxes on wealthy to "pay their share" to support more social "equity", carbon-based logic on global scale - Countries with carbon rich economies to pay penalties to carbon poor countries....Managed by the UN... via Agenda 21, the failed Copenhagen Treaty, etc.

7.  Entrepreneurialism warfare via legislation and taxes to   De-incentivize and demoralize business owners and operators, de-incentivize hiring new employees....etc., etc.

More details soon....

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