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Friday, November 09, 2012

Layoff Bomb = Planned Economic Shock = More Federal Control

The equation is simple.   Layoff Bomb = Planned Economic Shock = More Federal Control

More people dependent on the government = more:
 *  Government control
 *  Dependency on welfare
 *  Greater dependency upon Debt
 *  Less Individual Incentive
 *  Less Individual Self-Esteem

Economic Shocks such as the Layoff Bombs now going off everywhere provide metrics/measurements on the economy regarding how the populace responds behaviorally.   It takes years to see the results.

However, certain dynamics are known and are used to produce Programmed Results - such as the present rash of Layoffs.

The purpose of the socialization of Health Care is the source of the present Programming Event.

Ted Kennedy began this effort in the 1970s, with his intent to begin the move to a social medicine environment.  You may say, "naw.... your kidding me."  No, I am not.

1.  The events driven by the taxes, assessments and requirements of the present Obamacare bill are FORCING companies to make financial decisions that cause CONTRACTION of their financial exposure to these new laws, fees, taxes and conditions.   These moves are designed to keep the core essence of the business alive, if it is still sustainable.   If not, the companies either comply or go out of b business.

2.  Those forced out of a job via layoffs will find that there are yet, even fewer jobs in an already tight job market where many have simply GIVEN UP looking for work.

3.  This forces more people onto the unemployment rolls, and increases the number of people on the Government Welfare Dole.

4.  The event of unemployment is a dynamic unto itself -  it can cause:
      *  Lack of Self-Esteem (my self worth)
      *  Family disintegration
             - husband/wife has to travel for work or have several jobs
             - no time with family causes separation and disintegration to begin
             - discord, arguments and stress over money - how to simply survive
             - stress from collection agencies
             - loss of personal transportation (repossesion)
             - loss of personal ownership of property (home repossesion)
             - hard feelings of separation between family members
      * Educational barriers for children
             - Relocation to less prosperous neighborhoods or conditions
                  - attendance at schools where academics are not emphasized
                  - programming at schools that follows the socialization mentality
                  - dissuasion from achievement both academically and personally
I could go on, but you get the idea.... Economic LEVERS are the TOOLS of any Government wanting to control the population - such as the present Progressive/Liberal movements.

Less individualization - More mass dependency = socialized government, healthcare, economy, education and less entrepreneurialism.

All this above, literally GUARANTEES that those who give in to this method (War waged upon them by the SILENT WEAPON of Economic manipulation) - will vote to keep and empower the Government that provides benefits and income to them.

Yes, it is devious, and deceitful.   Look at history - I am not just spouting off my own opinion here, just putting economic tools used by governments to control the populace for many decades in recent history.

These controls are not usually discussed this plainly, rather the EFFECTS are focused on as the problem...... when in FACT, the RESULTS are NO ACCIDENT.

Those not wishing to take the time to understand or be alert to this have NO IDEA what is being done to them WITH THEIR OWN CONSENT, in fact, BY THEIR OWN DEMANDS!!

That is the sickest part of this whole scenario.   If you still believe in our Constitution, and the fabric of Liberty as our right, please take heart, and do not give in.   You can still make a difference by fighting new legislations and causes that limit individualism and Sovereignty of our country.

I am a patriot, and proud of it.  I am not an extremist, militant, or radical-rightist.   I just am not seeing the country I was raised in, or the values I was taught being a baseline in our society.

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