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Friday, September 14, 2012

A Sad Day for America - 9/14/2012

I have seen and heard so much this week, I am shocked, saddened, angered, and severely concerned that we will have such massive problems as a result of the "DO-NOTHING" Obama response to 9 - NINE US Embassies up in flames, overrun and overturned - US Flags ablaze and the Black flag of Old Islam now flies above our Embassies, on our sovereign soil.

These riots are acts of WAR, not protests.

 What part of this makes any sense? I can't figure it out. We have had no protection, no back-up plans, no preparation (due to all the advance intel we know the State Department has had) for any of the US properties / Embassies on Sovereign ground. I cannot imagine a president of the USA behaving as the one we have now, Barack Hussein Obama.

 That we have allowed all these embassies to be BREACHED shows we have been asleep at the wheel, and at the hands of an incompetent and arrogant administration. Oh yes, we also slid to a Credit Rating of AA-. A far fall from AAA++ It is a sad day for America today 9/14/2012.

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