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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Obama Poised to Cede US Sovereingty

Lord Christopher Monckton, Climate Scientist reveals treaty plans to create a world enforcement government structure!!
Here are links to the Copenhagen Climate Treaty so you can read it for yourself.
NGO Copenhagen Climate Treaty (pdf)
NGO Copenhagen Climate Treaty Full Legal Text (pdf)
NGO Copenhagen Climate Treaty (Word) vol. 1
NGO Copenhagen Climate Treaty Full Legal Text (Word) vol.2

Lord Christopher Monckton, a highly respected Climate Specialist, has delivered an address in which he summarizes a "Climate Debt" Treaty to be signed in December 2009 in Copenhagen in which there will be established:
1. a World Government in which there is no election, and no way to cancel out once it is signed.
2. a redistribution of wealth to 3rd world nations on the premise that we have burned too much CO2 and they haven't so we owe them.


1. BLOCK THE PRESIDENT FROM SIGNING THIS TREATY - Very Unlikely - as a Nobel Peace Prize winner and extreme left leanings he WILL Sign it.
2. BLOCK THE RATIFICATION OF THE TREATY IN OUR CONGRESS - A real possibility if we ACT by letting our representatives know where we stand - NO WAY will we be sub to a World Governmental Entity put in place by a treaty.
3. A long shot would be for States to secede from the USA. Texas is the most prepared to do this. Others will need time to figure it out.

There are a number of these types of Treaties floating around. The most recent of which is the L.O.S.T treaty, in which we cede our Naval Authority in the Northern Seas around Russia and the Seas between that and Canada. The Sovreign rights that are ours would have been ceded to a World Enforcement Agency with the power to Enforce the Treaty, under which we would be judged by some 75 countries who are NOT our friends. So that is a dangerously similar treaty not yet ratified, but could be. President Reagan vehemenently opposed this treaty, and it was very well known during his administration. Law of The Sea Treaty 2007; Law of the Sea Treaty - Senate Moves to ratify March 2009 - still in debate

Three is another Treaty regarding the leveling of our economic value by creating a North and South American currency - an "Amero" to link our economies together into a larger, and very likely weaker currency.

Please give Lord Monckton a listen. He is INFORMED and not afraid to speak up.


  1. This is a movement that has been pressing for these types of currency and political unifications into a world power for decades!!
    Law of The Sea Treaty 2007;
    Law of the Sea Treaty - Senate Moves to ratify March 2009 - still in debate.

    I have been watching this stuff since the '80s and especially since the days of NAFTA in the early '90s.

    Do your homework... you will see some groups pushing for this agenda.

  2. Fantastic information. The Copenhagen Treaty is an abomination.

    Once Obama signs this he will be subordinating the USA's sovereign authority to other countries.

    In other words - The U.S. Constitution will no longer be the Supreme Law of the Land.

  3. Bill, such a pleasure to make your acquaintance! The US Constitution is (not so slowly) being fed through the shredder, no doubt about it. I look forward to reading your future posts. :)